Whirl-Pak® 118 ml (4 ounce) Stand Up Sample Bag


Sold in bundles of 50 individual stand up bags

Mix liquid samples 1:1 with any of the FastOrange bouillon (broth) products prior to incubation.

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Whirl-Pak® Stand-Up sample bags are convenient for gathering and processing samples from anywhere in the production process.

When the sample is placed inside, the special gusseted bottom flattens out, allowing the bag to stand up on its own.

It works just like a beaker or bottle, however, it costs less, is sterilized, will not break, and uses only a fraction of storage space of other containers.

We recommend the 532 ml bags for collecting samples and then decanting into the smaller, 118 ml bags for incubation.

Watch the manufaturer’s video for proper use of the sample bags.