FastOrange Yeast Bouillon Broth Enrichment Bottles


Contents: 15 x 50 ml single-use sterile plastic bottles (flasks)

Ready-made liquid enrichment broth; store at ambient temperature for up to 2 years.

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FastOrange Yeast Bouillon Broth Enrichment Bottles

FastOrange Yeast Bouillon Broth Enrichment Bottles make it possible to begin the microbiological QC process directly at the sampling point. Just add the sample into a sterile, pre-filled PIKA FastOrange Yeast Bouillon Broth Enrichment Bottle, mix, and incubate at ambient temperature (25° C / 77° F). 

While growth of bacteria is suppressed, in the event yeasts or molds are present, they turn the enrichment broth turbid within a few days and sometimes form precipitate. Acid producing species will additionally change the color of the medium from brownish violet to yellow. 

The test is especially valuable to determine the efficiency of sanitization procedures – if live yeast is found in the final rinse water, the cleaning process was not sufficient. 

Small craft breweries in particular can easily perform routine microbiological analyses with FastOrange Yeast Enrichment Bottles without having a full lab or sending samples out for analysis. And, owing to the large (40 mL) sample volume, even the lowest levels of yeast or mold concentrations can be detected, down to one cell per sample.