FastOrange Yeast Agar 6-Pack


Contents: 6 x 170 mL glass bottles

Ready-made agar; store at ambient temperature for up to 2 years.

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FastOrange Yeast Agar 6-Pack

Suitable for routine quality control in breweries and wineries as well as in the food industry.

Detect yeasts and molds quantitatively by directly plating on PIKA FastOrange Yeast Agar. Just spread the sample onto an agar plate and watch for growth and color change for up to 7 days for yeast and 14 days for mold. If yeasts or molds are present, these grow up into easily visible colonies, acid producing yeast strains turn the agar yellow. As growth of bacteria is suppressed, grown colonies can be counted quantitatively as yeasts per mL of sample. Yeast colonies can be further identified by PCR analysis.

FastOrange Yeast Agar is provided sterile in ready-to-use bottles. Simply heat the agar in a water bath or microwave, and pour into sterile petri dishes, no autoclaving is necessary.

SPECIAL NOTE: Sale items have a “best before” date of August 2022. However, the manufacturer has confirmed detection quality lasts at least another 3 months past that date.