FastOrange® Wild Yeast Bouillon Broth Tubes


Contents: 48 x 5 mL single-use sterile plastic tubes

Ready-made liquid enrichment broth; store at ambient temperature for up to 2 years.

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PIKA FastOrange® Wild Yeast Tubes make it possible to test process samples from anywhere in the production line without the need to sterilize anything. Each tube is pre-filled with 5 mL of FastOrange® Wild Yeast culture medium. Just add a 5-10 mL sample into a tube, mix, and incubate at ambient temperature (25 °C / 78 °F). For specific detection of S. cerevisiae var. diastaticus, incubate at 35 °C (95 °F). Check daily for up to 7 days for haze or sediment formation, which is often accompanied by a color change towards yellow.

The FastOrange® Wild Yeast Bouillon contained in each tube is specifically formulated to detect wild yeasts – yeasts other than the typical brewing yeast strains. S. cerevisiae var. diastaticus, Brettanomyces (Dekkera), other non-Saccharomyces yeasts, as well as Saccharomyces wild yeasts grow in the medium.

The principle of differentiation is described in EBC method Saccharomyces Wild Yeasts, Cu-differentiation.