lab equipment2

Basic Equipment

seriological pipette pump, 10 mlAmazon
seriological pipette pump, 25 mlAmazon
seriological pipettes, individually wrapped, 10 mlAmazon
seriological pipettes, individually wrapped, 25 mlAmazon
adjustable volume pipettor, 1-10 mlAmazon
pipette tips, 10 mlAmazon
graduated transfer pipet, 5.0 mLAmazon
whirl-paks, 118 mlAlemanni
whirl-paks, 532 mlAlemanni
petri dishes, 100 x 15 mlAmazon
parafilm, 5 cm x 76 mAmazon
vented culture flasks, 75 cm2Amazon
graduated centrifuge tubes, 15 mlAmazon
graduated centrifuge tubes, 50 mlAmazon
4-way rack for centrifuge tubesAmazon
specimen cups, 118 mlAmazon
portable butane bunsen burnerAmazon
butane fuel, 3 x 135 mlAmazon
portable propane bunsen burnerAmazon
propane fuel, 6 x 100 mlAmazon
aluminum foil sheets, 30.5 x 27 cmAmazon
bunsen burner ignitorAmazon
chemical resistant spray bottle, viton, 3 x 473 mlAmazon
isopropanol wash bottle, 500 ml, polyethyleneAmazon
70% isopropyl alcohol, 12 x 473 mlAmazon
sample valve brush, nylonAmazon
sterile swabs, individually wrapped, 15 cmAmazon
butane torch, refillableAmazon
butane fuel, 3 x 135 mlAmazon
incubator, small, 25 litersAmazon
incubator, large, 56 litersAmazon
autoclave, electric, 18 litersAmazon
forceps, stainless steel, 14 cmAmazon
funnel/flask set, glassAmazon
scissors, stainless steelAmazon
sterile filters, 47 mm diameter x 0.45 μm (bacteria)Amazon
sterile filters, 47 mm diameter x 1.2 μm (yeast/mold)Link
vacuum pump, electricAmazon
vacuum pump, manualAmazon
sterlization pouches, 13.3 x 25.4 cmAmazon
sterile water, 1 literAmazon
autoclave, electric, 18 litersAmazon
erlenmeyer flask, 1000 mlAmazon
lab scale, 5 kgAmazon
magnetic stir plate, heated, 2 liter spinning capacityAmazon
wort agar, 500 gAmazon
ypd agar, (yeast extract, peptone, dextrose), 250 gAmazon
heat-resistant lab gloveAmazon
anti-chemical-splash safety gogglesAmazon
graduated measuring pitchers, unbreakableAmazon
ziploc freezer bags, 1 literAmazon
99% isopropyl alcoholAmazon
graduated cylinder, 1000 ml, polypropyleneAmazon
flammable safety cabinetAmazon

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