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We offer a full line of ready-to-use PIKA FastOrange® media designed to detect a wide range of potentially detrimental organisms in product, on process equipment surfaces, and throughout the manufacturing environment.


PIKA FastOrange® products are PCR-compatible and effective at enriching samples prior to either quantitative or end-point analyses, thereby improving both test sensitivity and reliability.


Through innovative products and services, our customers are directly involved in the ongoing effort to improve the quality and consistency of their craft beverages.


Who & What Is Alemanni Solutions?

Founded by three brewers with expertise in laboratory analysis, yeast management, fermentation, process control, and food safety, the mission of Alemanni Solutions is to enhance the quality and consistency of our customers’ products.

Gudrun, Doug, and Florian have nearly a century of combined experience in the fields of brewing, cider making, and distilling in operations of all sizes in both Europe and North America.

Through a combination of German ingenuity and efficiency and American creativity and imagination, our products and services aim to make your handcrafted beverages stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape.

gudrun vogeser

Gudrun Vogeser
Principal Brewery Microbiologist

> Gudrun has been innovating in the field of brewing microbiology for over 20 years, developing both conventional and PCR methods for the easy laboratory detection of contaminants. She has been chairing the EBC microbiology sub-committee since 2009, working actively in analysis and consultancy.

Florian Kuplent
Principal Brewmaster

> Weihenstephan-trained Brewmaster Florian Kuplent brings nearly three decades of brewing experience to Alemanni. From overseeing the fermentation cellar as a brewer’s apprentice in a small Bavarian brewery to managing the yeast supply for over 10% of the world’s beer production, Florian’s expertise lies in fermentation and yeast propagation.

Doug Hindman
Craft Brewing Partner

> A twenty-five year veteran in craft brewery operations roles at both production and brewpub-scale breweries in and around Seattle, Washington, Doug served as the Technical Editor on the Brewers Association’s Food Safety Planning for Craft Brewers project.

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